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Heated Conditioning Steam Cap

Heated Conditioning Steam Cap

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Give your hair the salon treatment it deserves at home. 

This heated conditioning cap is convenient and easy to use at home. It takes your hair hydration to the next level. It has a silicone heating (charcoal fiber) and a non-woven flame retardant insert. That evenly heats your hair and opens your hair cuticles allowing your conditioner, tea, oil, or pre-poo treatment to thoroughly penetrate, moisturize, and your hair strands.

Benefits of our Heated Conditioning Steam Cap  

  • Helps to hydrate hair
  • Helps products absorb better
  • Helps to turn any conditioner into a deep conditioner
  • Helps to soften hair


(There is no logo on the dust bag. Only on the steam cap)

Ways To Use

Not limited to

  • Heated Conditioning Treatments -using regular or deep conditioner
  • Hair Steam Treatments- using water or herbal teas
  • Hot Oil Treatments- Apply water 1st then the oil of choice to solve your hair issue.
  • Hair Mask Treatments- using pre-poo masks or DIY masks

Product Specs

  • 10 Heat Levels- Adjust the heat level to your comfortability
  • 3 Timer Options- Preset: 30 mins 45 mins 60 mins. No timer required
  • Intelligent Protection- At 60 degrees, the thermostat automatically disconnects. Below 30 degrees, it will automatically continue heating.
  • High-quality Fabric- Silicone heating (charcoal fiber) and a non-woven flame retardant insert


Do not submerge in water.

Results may vary and no results are guaranteed as everyone's hair is different.

SuesyCoilsCare LLC will not be responsible for any adverse side effects due to improper use of product!

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Customer Reviews

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Love the heated cap and my granddaughter loved it because it made her hair so easy to manage


Love the cap. It really helped me with the deep conditioning


It works perfectly!


Love it 😀


The cap works great! I am totally satisfied.