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Book A Hair Chat (Hair Consultation)

Book A Hair Chat (Hair Consultation)

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Trying to learn your hair on your own can be hard. Let's chat and get your hair on the right track!


Get Chat Free with a Coiled Connection Community PLUS Membership 

 1 hour Session


The purpose of these hair chats is to help you learn about YOUR hair and for you to get tips and advice on things that you can apply specifically to YOUR hair.

Some things we’ll discuss to help you learn to manage YOUR hair

  • What are your current struggles?
  • Do you know your hair porosity?
  • What’s your typical hair routine
  • What is your current hair goal?
  • Quick Product audit
  • Putting together a list of things you can act on today to reach your goal
  • Craft your perfect routine/regimen

And more!

Feel free to book hair chats throughout your journey for guidance


  • Check in\ updates on protein overload progress for the next steps
  • Crafting a new regimen for the next hair goal
  • Is your original routine not working? Needs to be altered
  • Your hair is rejecting products and you don't know why?
  • Your hair is shedding and you don't know why

Business Stuff

  • Please show up for your scheduled time to respect everyone's time
  • Your appointment will be canceled if you are more than 10 mins late

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